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Keep your cool..

waeco ac machineWhilst you are enjoying driving to your destination it's important to feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

Your vehicles air conditioning or heating system must be operational to be able to cope with all weather conditions.

The Air conditioning system can only function if you have the correct amount of refrigerant within the system which allows it to operate at the correct temperature. 

Many items are important to the A/C system operating efficiently such as Compressor, TX Valve, Receiver Dryer, Condenser, Pipes & Cabin Filter.

Your vehicle’s A/C (or climate control system) not only keeps you cool during summer, it can also remove humidity from the cabin, demisting a foggy windscreen in winter.

Regularly servicing of your vehicle’s A/C by our specialist mechanics ensures your vehicle’s climate control system remains in top condition all year round.

Check your A/C System operation.

Make sure your car’s heating and A/C is working properly.

Check and Test operating modes and check that the airflow is coming from all appropriate vents.

If the A/C system takes a long time to cool the inside of the car, or if the air never gets cold enough, the system will need to be checked and diagnosed to identify the issues.

Air Conditioning Service Includes:

Modern Technology Automated A/C Machine

Inspection of drive belts and pulleys

Check operation of valves and thermostats

Check the condition of the compressor, condenser, hoses and other components

Auto Machine conducts leak and Vacuum test

Carry out checks for leaks and receiver-dryer contamination

Check system pressures

Evacuate any existing Refrigerant Gas from the system via automatic machine

Recharge with R134A refrigerant to vehicle specifications

Specialised oil product is used in the process of recharge to lubricate seals

Specialised Dye product is also used in the process to assist in identifying any potential leaks.

Test system operation, pressures, condenser fan operation, blower fan operation, and vent temperature.

We ask you to return for a complimentary check in approx. 5-7 days after recharge to re-check the system operation and check with the UV light to ensure no leaks are present within the system.

A/C Service from $129*


* If the A/C system or any components are leaking or not working efficiently we will extract the refrigerant gas, diagnose the issue and provide soltion/quote.

* A Diagnosis Fee of $155.00 will be charged if the A/C System is unable to be serviced.



*T&Cs Apply – Vehicles fitted with a Dual A/C System will incur an additional charge of $50 (Require additional amounts of refrigerant gas)

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