"Does your vehicle have the correct battery fitted"

Batteries should only be fitted by Qualified Individuals such as a Mechanic or Auto Electricians.

The Battery with the correct Cold Cranking Amps needs to be fitted to your vehicle to allow it to function properly.

Batteries are often overlooked by motorists until they fail and you are stranded with the only option of a lengthy wait for roadside assistance or waiting for a mate to provide a jump start.

The average lifespan of a car battery is normally 3-4 years depending on usage and conditions. 

Most modern vehicles are programmed to start shutting down or limit certain vehicle operations when the battery reaches a certain low voltage reading.

It is common for a light to appear on the dash and possibly the vehicle to enter limp mode which will only allow the vehicle to drive to a maximum of 40-60kmh.

Premier Autocare conduct a digital and accurate battery test at each service interval that indicates the batteries current health under load.

It provides a percentage (%) result against what Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) the battery has from new, this is what the vehicle requires to operate effectively.

It will also provide a charge rate as a percentage (%) to ensure the battery is charging and that other electrical componenents such as the altenator are working.

Premier Autocare Supply and fit leading brands of Batteries to suit all makes and models.

All our batteries are Maintainence Free and covered by Manufacturers warranty.

We will protect your radio and settings when changing your battery.

Visit our Modern, clean and professional store, Experience the Difference at Premier Autocare.

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