Scan Tool Diagnostics

Do you have a warning light on your dash, don’t know what it means? Is your car running a bit rough lately?

We have the leading industry equipment to assist us with diagnosis relating to modern vehicle issues.

Should you have any fault lights appear on the dash of your vehicle you should contact us to arrange a scan tool diagnosis.

These days it’s not as easy as popping open the bonnet and finding the problem. Vehicles are now controlled by sophisticated engine management systems which are similar to your computer at home. 

Your engines computer is known as an “ECU” and reads and stores the fault codes from your vehicle. 

Some competitors simply check and clear codes, that is not a solution and put's your vehicle at risk of further damage..

We will assess the issue and provide a solution to ensure you can have confidence the issue will not cause damage to your vehicle.


What happens if my engine light is ON ?

Your vehicle may enter ‘limp mode’ with limited drivability.

Continuing to drive with the problem unrepaired could damage components of the vehicle, or could result in poor fuel consumption.

It is advisable to visit us for a check as soon as you notice the warning light.

Diagnostics should only be carried out by qualified technicians, not trained retail assistants.

Why risk it for the sake of Diagnosis starting at $195..
This provides 1hr diagnosis time with a technician and scan tool to identify the issue and provide a repair solution.




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