"Not all Tyres are Created Equal"

Premier Autocare have extensive industry experience (20+years) and have carefully chosen Tyre brands that can offer all the necessary attributes to suit the vast range of vehicles available in our market.

Tyres are not just round and black, their is much more to a Tyre Purchase than the size and cost.

Premier Autocare will take the time to ask you a range of questions about your driving habits and requirements to then assess and recommend the correct option for your driving habits and application.

You should not rush into making a Tyre Purchase decision, tyres are one of the most important elements on your vehicle that can potentially be the difference between life or death.

Statistics show that Tyres are normally on a vehicle for around three years, the average driver does around 20,000kms per year.

We value your safety and pride ourselves on assessing your driving habits and making the correct recommendations to suit your driving, too many times we have seen and heard horendous stories from our clients about experiences at our competitors when shopping around for tyres.

What happens when you shop on price alone? you get a combination of noisy, slippery, poor quality, poor value, vibration and longevity issues.

Premier Autocare can offer you superior value for money options compared to our competitors, making the correct recommendations makes a significant difference to your vehicle and your overall driving experience.

PLATINUM PLAN – 3 Years/80,000kms

Platinum Plan is Exclusive to Premier Autocare customers who purchase four tyres and a wheel alignment..

The features of the plan are amazing, no other competitor comes close to being able to offer a product and service of this nature.

Check out the features and Benefits Brochure via clicking the TYRES section on our website. Click here for details

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