Vehicle Servicing

"We work to a Standard not a Price, we do not comprimise on quality "

Maintainence is an important element of keeping your vehicle in it's best condition, preventative maintainence can prevent bigger problems developing through a lack of maintainence.

Premier Autocare can accomodate New Vehicle Servicing that will NOT void your new car warranty, the ACCC stipulate that you can have the choice of repairer without affecting your warranty under the conditions that the service is completed by qualified technicians, replacement parts are new, meet Australian standards and the service is carried out as per the manufacturers logbook.

Vehicles are used for many different applications and driving habits vary, we recommend that vehicles being driven under normal circumstances be serviced every six months or 10,000kms whichever occurs first.

4WD vehicles or others that are exposed to harsh conditions or regular towing may require more frequent maintainence. Ask us for recommendations.

Premier Autocare pride themselves on working to a standard not a price, our workmanship and attention to detail is above industry standard and our pricing is very competitive.

We are generally 30% less expensive than dealerships and our pricing on logbook services are less expensive than Fixed or Cap price servicing offered by dealerships.

Premier Autocare pride themselves on the fact that you will have a senior fully qualified technician working on your vehicle, not an inexperienced apprentice working unsupervised on your vehicle which leads to mistakes, lack of attention to detail and servicing not being carried out in the correct manner.

We service all makes and models including European vehicles, Diesel vehicles have become very popular and it's important to have them serviced regularly and in the correct fashion utilising the correct products.

Premier Autocare strongly recommend an Upper Cylinder clean on all Diesel vehicle servicing, this eliminates carbon build up and allows the vehicle to operate at it's optimum.

We offer service packages to cater for your vehicle and the inclusions and value for money is superior to any of our competitors.

Our brand partners are only the best the industry has to offer, we do not comprimise on quality.

Our service packages start from $185 and offer great value for money and inclusions not offered by our competitors.

Follow the link to our Service packages Click here for details

Six months Roadside Assistance is included with all forms of vehicle servicing, therefore you are not required to pay for NRMA saving you around $130 annually.

We encourage you to contact us or visit our modern and friendly service centre to experience the difference.

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